Bending the Arc of History

Obama eloquent, but short on specifics, in praising Egyptians – Article from The Globe and Mail

First off Obama is not “eloquent.” He is not anything like a great orator. Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and Colin Powell are examples of skilled orators. I have heard them deliver speeches or speak extemporaneously (Colin Powell!) with unique power and eloquence. President Obama can competently deliver a speech. That is all.

Enough of that rant and down to the issue I have with what President Obama is quoted as saying.

“In Egypt it was the moral force of non-violence – not terrorism, not mindless killing, but non-violence, moral force – that bent the arc of history”

I could sum that up with any number of words but only need one, “Hooey.” What “bent the arc of history” was a confluence of events. There is no doubt that two of those events were the strikes and relatively non-violent protests. However what changed the situation was the military and while the change was relatively non-violent what kept it that way was the military’s threat of violence. Statements like this one from President Obama are disingenuous. That is not what happened, that is not the way the world works, and President Obama knows that.

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