Let’s Say There’s a Gun Show Loophole

There isn’t, but let’s just say there is.

No one is using it.

I draw the following numbers from:
Bureau of Justice Statistics – Firearms Use By Offenders

Percent of State inmates possessing a firearm 1997 1991
Source of gun
Purchased from – 13.9 20.8
Retail Store 8.3 14.7
Pawmshop 3.8 4.2
Flee market 1.0 1.3
Gun show 0.7 0.6
Friends and family 39.6 33.8
Street/illegal source 39.2 40.8

I believe there are more current statistics but I haven’t been able to find them yet. The most recent number I am aware of for gunshow sourced firearms used in crimes is 1.9% but I don’t have a real source to point you to.

In spite of the study’s age we can certainly identify a clear trend. Gun shows haven’t been, and are not, the hook up for criminals getting guns.

With less than 2% of firearms coming from gunshows and all types of rifles AND shotguns accounting for less than 0.08% of murders, I have to wonder what Diane Feinstein and supporters of her proposed legislation are really after. I’m not trying to be clever or snarky. It strikes me as exceptionally irrational.

If they were really concerned about the senseless killing of children it would make more sense to perhaps start with the over 200 children killed annually be drunk drivers (over half of those kids were IN the car with the impaired driver).

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