Love and Guns

I just got off the phone with one of the best people in the world. I’ve known him since I was a young boy. I remember him pulling up to our house on his motorcycle when I was 5 while I was riding my big wheel. He put me on the back of his cycle set his helmet on me and putted around the long driveway. It was awesome. He has the heart of a warrior and a heart of gold.

We had planned on going shooting today but he’s fighting off a cold and it was too cold and wet to make that wise. We were arranging another time to go to the range and got on to stories we had heard of people successfully protecting themselves. I told him about the 15 year old young man who, protecting himself and his 12 year old sister, had used his dad’s AR-15 to shoot burglars who were breaking into their home (The story can be found HERE). When I told him he said, “Oh Ben . . . Ben I’m so proud of that boy. I’m almost as proud of him as I am of you.” I wish you could have heard the love and pride in his voice as he thought of that young man making the hard choice and facing the uncertainty and unquestionably fear to shoot at other people in order to protect his sister. He was not reveling in the counter attack on evil or that those burglars got what they deserved. He thought and spoke only of that young man and his family. Like Gracie McKee at Packing Pretty said, we arm ourselves not out of fear or indignation but “because we love.”

So when you encounter someone who seems disproportionately passionate about preserving his or her gun rights understand that it is not about their guns. They aren’t trying to keep their guns, they are trying to protect their family from a deep and profound violation of their right to protect themselves. They are thinking of their family, the people they love.

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